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Links to Negro Spiritual Research Sites and Lists

Below is a listing of other Web sites or mailing lists whose primary focus is research on the history of the spiritual, spiritual art songs, and spiritual settings for chorus or on performance of these works. If you wish to recommend a site, please email me at

Afrocentric Voices in Classical Music is an extensive bibliography of books and other research resources, a small--but growing--list of biographies of vocalists and composers, such as Marian Anderson, Harry T. Burleigh, Leontyne Price, a chronology of major events and accomplishments by African American vocal musicians and a list of libraries and research centers that house significant collections of resources by and about African American musicians.

Friends of the Negro Spiritual based in Oakland, California, the group publishes a newsletter and sponsors performances and lectures on spirituals. They also announce upcoming activities around the country via their mailing list.

The Harry T. Burleigh Society organization dedicated to the work of the composer and baritone H. T. Burleigh.

The Negro Spiritual Group is for anyone interested in discussing all aspects of the genre. This includes: the history of spirituals, the role it played in slavery and the Christian beliefs of slaves, the post-Civil War use of spirituals in choral anthems and solo vocal concert music, and its importance to the American Civil Rights Movement. Posters to the list may not only raise issues and questions, but they may announce upcoming events, newly released publications and recordings, etc. related to Negro Spirituals. Subscribe to negrospiritual

Negro Spirituals from the Atlantic Monthly, June 1867, article by Thomas Wentworth Higginson in which the author describes the spirituals sung by African American Union Army soldier during the American Civil War.

Negro Spirituals and American Culture an article by Regina Dolan in ChickenBones: A Journal.

Negro in addition to a historical overview and short biographies of performers and composers of spirituals and gospel music, there is an extensive database of spiritual lyrics arranged in alphabetical order.

The Spirituals Project is a broad-based initiative to explore the many, varied dimensions of African American spirituals as art form, tradition and tool; and to invite all people to experience the joy and power of this dynamic music and gift from African Americans to the world.

Sweet Chariot: The Story of the Spirituals Historical overview, biographical information, discussion of choral and solo vocal music, interviews with composers, performers and musicologists, sound clips and images

The Art of the Negro Spiritual
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