So You Want to Sing Spirituals: Extras

Below are links to supplemental content accompanying the upcoming book, So You Want to Sing Spirituals.


Appendix 1 – Recommended Recordings

Selection of recordings recommended for those beginning a collection of concert spirituals for solo voice



Appendix 2 – Concert Spiritual Singers and Their Recordings

Sample of singers, arranged by voice type, and their recordings of concert spirituals



Appendix 3 – Spirituals in Musical Anthologies

Availability of Spiritual Music Scores: print publishers, online databases and publishers, self-publishing composers, online resellers, selected musical scores: compilations containing concert spirituals for solo voice



Appendix 4 – Song Literature Classification

Concert spirituals classified by category with scriptural reference(s) and entry in musical anthologies



Appendix 5 – Relevant Resources

Resources specifically about Negro spirituals or that reference performers, composers or other information related to spirituals



Appendix 6 – African-American Art Songs Resource List

Print and online resources related to African-American art songs

Appendix 7 – Composers Brief Biographies

Short biographies, with score and recordings information, of composers of concert spirituals for solo voice



Online Resources

SYWTS Spirituals Online Resources

Links to information, recordings and other resources connected to specific chapters in So You Want to Sing Spirituals